The Westsiders Camp

Westsiders 2020 Camp Dates:

Youngstown, Ohio - September 11th - 13th

Atlantic City, NJ - September 25th - 27th

Nashville, TN - October 2nd - 4th

Seattle. Wa - October 9th - 11th


Our main goal is to nourish young dancers with not only the training their bodies need to succeed, but also their minds, to ensure a long, healthy relationship with their art form. We aim to provide dancers with an experience within their training. We focus not only on the development of their movement, but also their personal relationship with dance and how to continuously find sources of inspiration.


The Westsiders Camp is a two day intensive for ages 10 and up. We offer two different age level, age 10-13 and 14 and up. We offer a wide range of classes that focus on hip hop choreography and technique, community building and artist development.


  • HIP HOP CHOREOGRAPHY: This class will focus on a specific style and basic hip hop techniquesuch as lines, shapes, shading, textures and grooves.
  • BREAKING: Dancers will learn one of the foundational styles of hip hop, Breaking. This will give them footwork skills and tricks to implement into their vocabulary along with the history of this pivotal movement in the history of hip hop.
  • PROP AND STAGING: This class will challenge dancers to work at a fast pace to not only pick up choreography, but also work with props and staging.
  • ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: This is a seminar styled class where we dive into the dancers personal relationship with dance. We discuss about finding sources of inspiration, managing passion projects and music analysis. We will set goals and provide resources to help expand their dance knowledge.
  • SOUL SESSION: An open, creative space where the dancer is asked to explore their movement without any restriction while supported by their community.



Hannah Wintrode, a creator that has set up homes bases in dance communities all around the country including Seattle, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. Wintrode spends her time teaching on convention at Artists Simply Human, a convention whose main focus is to challenge kids artistry through a wide variety of inspiring classes and techniques, and freelancing at multiple studios nationwide. In 2015 Wintrode started her company, The Westsiders, based out of Seattle, Washington with the intention of giving fellow movers the space and time to explore their movement through different styles and ideas as well as bringing in guest teachers to expand their knowledge and training in all fields of movement. Wintrode hopes to bring the energy and pure positivity that Westsiders has created in its home of Seattle to kids all around the country so they can also have the permission to full explore their range of movement and expand their ideas on how they want to navigate their dance life.


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest dance culture, Zaydi is a Seattle built dancer. The young choreographer is most known for his big movements, texture, and vocabulary of movement. He has worked under crews such as Breed Seattle, Kontagious Movement (KM), and Cruz Control. Zaydi is currently the co-director of Westsiders, and crew member of The Folks and PG boys. "Art is my religion. It's what I believe in, what makes me happy, what gives me purpose."

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