In My Feelings was created to explore the emotional aspect of dancing, beyond just the physical movement. 

This is a 5 week virtual event where we meet twice during the week. Each week there is a different intention, emotion or prompt that we focus on. The first day students will learn a "routine" that is meant to be looked at as a blueprint that can be manipulated to suit the choices they would like to try. The second day is the performance portion where each student will perform the "routine" one at a time and myself and their peers will give them feedback and suggestions. At the end of the 5 weeks we hold a virtual show for donation and donate the money to a charity.

Performance is such a vital part of a dancer life and yet a lot of times it is something that is often looked over. This program is proven effective because it is helpful for dancers of all ages and levels. It gives them the permission and time to explore all possible choices and is paired with support, feedback and advice from their peers and myself. The results of these sessions have shown a huge change is dancers confidence, trust within themselves and authentic real performances.

Price: $175

Includes full session, weekly one on ones, T-shirt and stickers

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